13 Questions And Answers For Pacific Place Apartments

Pacific Place Apartments Apartments in Daly City, CA

Apartment hunting can be both fun and challenging! Finding an apartment that’s affordable, in a good location and up to your living standards are just the first things you need to worry about when choosing the perfect apartment. Whether you’re a first-time apartment renter, or you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ll want to ask some important questions before you sign a lease and collect your keys. We’ve put together the top twelve questions renters should ask property managers BEFORE signing a lease at Pacific Place Apartments in Daly City, CA!

What are the lease terms?

The lease term we offer is 12 months

What does it cost to move in?

The move in cost is the first months rent and deposit.

Are utilities included in the cost?

The utilities are all paid by the tenant.

What's your pet policy?

We allow up to two pets but there are restrictions.

What is your guest policy?

You may have overnight guests for no more than 7 nights in any month.

Do you require apartment renters insurance?

Yes we require renters insurance.

How do I pay the rent?

You have the option to pay with a check and we also have online payment services.

How are repairs taken care of, especially in an emergency?

We have maintance on site that handles the work orders that come in. Emergency work orders are responded to immediately.

Is there public transportation nearby?

Yes Muni and Samtrans have stops across the street from the apartments.

How often does rent go up? By how much?

We offer lease renewals at the end of your contract. The amount that goes up is determined by the market.

What is the parking situation?

Parking is available at a monthly cost separate from the lease.

Are there plans to update the building?

The building was built in 2010 and we will renovate as needed.

Is there a penalty for breaking my lease?

The penalty for breaking the lease is two months rent and a 30 day notice.